To start synchronisation, select JIRA > Synchronise in the Microsoft Project menu. Ceptah Bridge will compare the tasks in the current project with JIRA issues. If you want to process only particular MS Project tasks, select them in the current MS Project task view (e.g. Gantt Chart) and click JIRA > Synchronise Selected. To compare only the tasks that are already linked to JIRA issues without creating new issues for unlinked tasks, select JIRA > Synchronise Existing.

Ceptah Bridge synchronisation window

After analysing the differences between JIRA and MS Project, the following window will open.

Ceptah Bridge - preview of changes

The list contains the changes scheduled to synchronise the project with JIRA. Rows representing updates are marked with the "pen' sign, and the lines representing creation of new issues are marked with "plus".

Only the rows having the box checked will be processed during synchronization. To check or uncheck a row, tick the check box in the row. To check or uncheck all rows at once, tick the check box in the header. To check or uncheck a group of rows, select the items with the mouse or keyboard and tick any of them.

By clicking a hyperlink in the Issue Key Column, you can open the corresponding issue in JIRA.

To sort rows by a column, click the column header.

The lower part of the form provides a detailed explanation for the change selected in the list above. For an update, two tables are displayed - one for the updated issue fields and one for the task. For each field to be updated, the name of the field, new value, and current value are shown.

Also, if the field change is reversible, a check box will be shown in the row. Tick the check box to reverse the change. The row will be crossed out, and the reversed field change will be added to the list on the opposite side.

Reversing field changes in the synchronisation window

For a new row, the details section looks as follows. The table shows the values of the fields of the issue to be created.

Ceptah Bridge - preview of changes - new issue

The synchronisation window does not block the MS Office Project application itself, so you can work with the window and your project document at the same time.

Press Apply changes button to start synchronisation. As was mentioned before, only checked items will be applied.

To apply changes only to JIRA or only to MS Project, click the drop-down arrow on the Apply button and select To JIRA Only or To MS Project Only.

How to apply changes only to Jira or only to MS Project

To start over the identification of the changes, click the Compare button. You can re-compare to make sure that your changes have been successfully applied and there are no differences any more, or to repeat the identification after fixing some problems (for instance, with connection).

To re-compare only the selected MS Project tasks, click the drop-down arrow of the Compare button and select Compare Selected Tasks .

Ceptah Bridge - re-comparing issues