Command-line mode

To launch the Bridge in the command-line mode, use the mspjb.exe utility located in the installation folder ( C:\Program Files\Ceptah\Msp JIRA Bridge in most cases).

The program has the following parameters:

mspjb.exe <command> <file> [<options>]


  • command is the action to perform:
    • s or synchronize - synchronises a project or
    • i or import - imports a project.
    • a or activate - activate product.
    • d or deactivate - deactivate product.
  • file - the path to the file to process.
  • import / synchronisation options
    • /S:<settings file> - specifies a settings file that overrides the settings in the processed project document. The file can be created by exporting the settings for the project settings form.
    • /Q - closes the MS Project application after synchronisation. If the option is not specified, MS Project stays open. If it was not opened before launching the program, it will stay in the background without any windows shown. You will need to reopen MS Project from the Windows menu to be able to close it in this case.
    • /U - JIRA user name.
    • /PW - JIRA user password.
    import options (either /P, /K, /F or /J must be specified)
    • /P:<project key> - imports the issues of the JIRA project specified by its key.
    • /K:<issue keys> - imports a list of issues specified by the comma-separated list of their keys.
    • /F:<filter> - imports the issues returned by the JIRA filter specified.
    • /J:<jql> - imports the issues returned by the JQL query specified.
    • /I – imports sub-tasks along with a task. If the task is already in the project, creates the sub-tasks under the task.
  • activation options
    • /K:<serial key> - provides a serial key to activate the product with
    • /U:<user> - provides a user name to associate with the activation (any text that identifies the user)
  • activation and deactivation options
    • /P:<proxy address> - proxy server address
    • /PP:<proxy port> - proxy server port
    • /PU:<proxy user> - proxy server user
    • /PW:<proxy pwd> - proxy server user password

The utility opens the projects if it has not been opened in MS Project yet, performs the actions as directed and saves the project if it was modified. Please note, that the project stays open and the MS Project application running after the utility has been launched. At the same time, if MS Project was not opened by the user when the mspjb.exe program was started, the former will run in background and will not be presented to the user until he or she opens it from the menu.

To synchronise a server project, specify the file name as <>\server project name.