To change the options, select Options tab in the Project settings window.

Ceptah Bridge options

An explanation of the Options tab is provided below.

Field Description
Use lowercase JIRA user names

Tick the option to make MS Project field values lowercase whenever they are compared with or assigned to JIRA user name.

If the option is off, no changes will be made to the user name casing and all user-related searches will be case-sensitive. You may need to use this mode if your JIRA utilises LDAP user records that are not lowercase.

Make imported tasks 'automatic' (MS Project 2010+)

This option works for MS Project 2010 and higher.

If the option is on, all tasks imported from JIRA into MS Project  will be in 'automatic' mode.

If the option is off, the tasks will be created with the mode currently selected for new tasks in MS Project.

Update closed issues

Tick the option to update issues even if they are closed.

By default, Ceptah Bridge does not change closed issues because they are read-only in JIRA. If the workflow has been customised and it is possible to edit closed issues, you can enable the option.

Rename custom fields (MS Project 2003+)

This option works for MS Project 2003 and higher.

Tick the option to rename mapped MS Project custom fields based on the names of the respective JIRA fields whenever the settings are saved. 

The renaming can also be run from the menu.

Show all mapped fields in the current task view (MS Project 2003+)

This option works for MS Project 2003 and higher.

If the option is on, Ceptah Bridge adds all missing mapped fields to the active task view whenever the settings are saved. 

The fields can also be added from the menu.

Suppress JIRA user notifications

Do not send e-mail notifications when issues are updated (requires special permissions to work and is not available in all JIRA versions).


Protect the settings from viewing and modification with the given password.

Note: this is only for preventing accedental changes in the mappings. An experienced MS Project user will still be able to remove the password.