Seamless Integration for Jira and MS Project

Do not fear adopting both products. Use each of them for what they are doing best while Ceptah Bridge will take care of keeping MS Project tasks and Jira issues synchronised.

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Ceptah Bridge is an MS Project plug-in that imports, exports and synchronises tasks and issues between Atlassian Jira and Microsoft Project.

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Ceptah Bridge helps thousands of Agile and Waterfall teams around the world connect MS Project to Jira.

Supported Fields and Features

Import Jira issues to Microsoft Project, export tasks to Jira, synchronise issues with tasks

Import and Synchronisation

Import Jira issues. Export MS Project tasks. Sync both ways at the same time.

Supported Jir aand MS Project fields


Ceptah Bridge supports most standard and custom fields in Jira, as well as all Microsoft Project fields.

Time tracking data synchronisation between Jira and MS Project

Time Tracking

Initialise baselines and update overall and actual work, including task usage, based on worklogs and estimates from Jira.

Synchronise hierarchy between Jira and MS Project


Maintain Advanced Roadmaps, Epics, Sub-task, and issue link-based hierarchies in sync with the WBS in MS Project.

Issue Links support

Issue Links

Issue Links can be synchronised with Predecessors, used to maintain hierarchy or simply mapped to a field.

Tempo support


Ceptah Bridge supports Tempo Timesheets, including Accounts, Teams and Tempo Worklogs.

Import Jira users to MS Project

Import Users

We can also import users from Jira into a local project or Enterprise Resource Pool.

Supported products

All Deployments

Jira Cloud, Jira Online, local Microsoft Project schedules, Project Online, and Project Server.

Flexible Mappings

There are endless little things that make synchronising MS Project and Jira in a real-life situation a daunting task.

Over the years, we analysed our customer’s feedback and created a product that can reconcile all these differences so that you can get the best of both worlds without entering any information twice, whatever your size, industry, methodology or goals might be.

Ceptah Bridge has hundreds of settings to fine-tune the synchronisation for every field and feature.

If even that is not enough, you can add custom logic using Visual Basic for Applications.

Ceptah Bridge mappings window screenshot

Closed-loop Management Process

Build a project management solution by augmenting team-oriented Jira with the scheduling power of Microsoft Project.

  • Managers prepare a project schedule and push it into Jira. Alternatively, existing issues can be imported from Jira to MS Project.
  • As the team reports progress and updates estimates, the actuals are brought back to Microsoft Project.
  • The manager reschedules the activities and updates the deadlines in Jira.

This is just one of many ways to leverage Ceptah Bridge.

Business process example


1 User
$345.00 / user
1 year of support and maintenance included
3 Users
$283.33 / user
1 year of support and maintenance included
5 Users
$238.00 / user
1 year of support and maintenance included
10 Users
$187.50 / user
1 year of support and maintenance included
15 Users
$165.33 / user
1 year of support and maintenance included
20 Users
$149.00 / user
1 year of support and maintenance included
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  • The Users are the MS Project users who run Ceptah Bridge. Their number is usually different from the total Jira users.
  • The licence is perpetual and allows using any versions released within 1 year of the purchase for as long as required.
  • The annual maintenance can be renewed at 50% of the full price within 3 months of the expiry.
  • Please contact us if you need a licence for more than 20 users.

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