History mappings

In order to change the History Mappings, select the History tab in the Project settings window.

Ceptah Bridge History mapping

On this screen, you can create mappings between an MS Project field and the date or time when the Status field in JIRA was changed to one of the selected values for the first or for the last time. In the above example, Actual Strat will be set to the date when the issue became In Progress for the first time, and Actual Finish will be set to the date when it was closed last time.

An explanation of the History Mappings tab is provided below.

Field Description
Mappings table Contains the list of the mappings between JIRA status dates and MS Project fields. The details of the selected row are shown in the area below the list.
X (cross) Deletes the mapping
Statuses to search for Ceptah Bridge, depending on the 'first/last' setting, will search for the first or last instance when the Status field was assigned one of the selected values.
Available statuses All statuses that have not been selected yet.
Add Selects the status focused in the 'Available statuses' box.
Remove Unselects the status focused in the 'Statuses to search for' box.
Enter manually If you need to add a status that is not in the list, enter it here and press the adjacent Add button.
first/last Controls whether the first or the last occurance of the status should be sought.
Put first/last status date in The MS Project field to populate with the status date or time.

As date If ticked, Ceptah Bridge will remove the time component and use the date as it is in the JIRA user's time zone. Otherwise, the status time will be converted to the local time, if required.