Ceptah Worklog simplifies JIRA time tracking

JIRA time tracking

It is important to collect accurate up-to-date time tracking information, whether you are using it to control the progress of your projects and the quality of estimates or to bill the customers. Although everybody understands the necessity of reporting progress, it is still an annoying and disturbing activity for the team members who are absorbed in their assignments. In order to ensure the quality of the information, the data entry procedure itself should be as simple, intuitive and quick as possible.

Ceptah Worklog allows the user to maintain JIRA work log with minimal effort and high accuracy using a scheduler-based user interface. We endeavour to create a JIRA time reporting utility that will take as little mouse click and key strokes as possible to log the daily time spent with high fidelity.

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Scheduler-based interface The product uses an Outlook-like scheduler interface for creating and editing JIRA work log entries. We believe it is the best way to accurately record daily activities.
Automatic time tracking You can start and stop the timer for the current task. Once the timer is stopped, the effort will be recorded in JIRA.
Away time detection Ceptah Worklog detects the time intervals when the computer is not in use. The idle time can be then recorded as a break, counted against the current issue or added to another issue.
JIRA Reports
  • Grouping by time periods, projects, versions, components, issue types and users.
  • Various diagrams.
  • Export to PDF, Excel, Word and Web (HTML).
Offline mode Time reported while offline will be synchronised automatically once JIRA is available
Time Remaining adjustment The remaining time for a task can be adjusted automatically when reporting progress or entered manually
Task work log editing An isolated task work log can be viewed and modified in a traditional way as well.
JIRA Cloud 100% compatible with JIRA Cloud. The software does not need to be installed on the server.
Software requirements Microsoft Windows
JIRA 4.0 or higher (the reports are available for JIRA 5 and higher only)
.Net Framework 3.5 (included in Windows 7)
Microsoft Access OLEDB provider (included in Windows XP and Windows 7)

Additional Links

  • Ceptah Worklog page on the Atlassian Marketplace. Please note that the standard content in some panels, such as JIRA Cloud support and installation instructions, may not be correct as it does not apply to our product and there is no way for us to control it.