We believe that a timesheet for entering the daily time spent is simply not good enough because you can only guess how much time has been spent on an activity unless you have the entire day broken down in front of you. That's why we are using the scheduler that presents a clear view of your day and allows the events to be easily reconstructed if required.

Main screen

Main window

The list on the left-hand side displays the currently assigned issues or issue search results. The scheduler on the right-hand side helps to track the time spent on the issues.

Automatic tracking

Main window

You can start and stop the timer for the task you are currently working on. Ceptah Worklog will create and automatically adjust a new entry for the issue in the schedule. Once the timer is stopped, the effort will be recorded in JIRA.

Inactivity detection

Inactivity detection

Ceptah Worklog detects the time intervals when the computer is not in use. The idle time can be then recorded as a break, counted against the current issue or added to another issue.

Manually logging and adjusting time spent

Add worklog entry

Simply grab a task from the list and drop it onto the schedule or Ctrl-drag and drop an existing task to report time spent. Adjust the start and finish times of the entry as required by dragging the top and bottom edges. A worklog entry will be automatically created in JIRA.

Time remaining

Change Time Remaining

The remaining time for a task can be manually adjusted.

Edit work log

Edit work log

The work log of a particular task can be opened and edited as well.


  • Grouping by time periods, projects, versions, components, issue types and users.
  • Various diagrams.
  • Export to PDF, Excel, Word and Web (HTML).