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Tutorials > Priority Mapping

  • Let's consider the following Issue Priority mapping configuration:

    Issue Priority Mapping

    The default priority is 'Major' and the sync direction is from Microsoft Project to JIRA. The Issue Priority is not mapped to any MS Project field. Let's see how the mapping will work in different situations.

    • If we synchronise a task that is not linked to an issue (if we create issue), the new issue Priority will be set to 'Major' unconditionally.

    • If the task is linked, the issue Priority will be reset to 'Major' if it is not 'Major' currently.

    • If we import an issue, the mapping will not affect the task being created. Please note that if we then try to synchronise the task that we have just imported and its Priority is not 'Major', Ceptah Bridge will try to set it to Major, which is most probably not desirable.

  • To map Priority to an MS Project field, we need to select it in the 'Field' combo box:

    Issue Priority Mapping to a field

    The adjustment will have the following implications:

    • Unlinked tasks/new issues: If Text5 is blank, the new issue Priority will be still set to 'Major'. If Text5 is not blank, then Priority will be set to the value of Text5 for the task. Apparently, for the synchronisation to work, Text5 needs to be either blank or to contain valid issue priority names.

    • Linked tasks/existing issues: Likewise, if Text5 is blank, the new issue Priority will be still set to 'Major'. If Text5 is not blank, then Priority will be set to the Text5 value.

    • Import: If the imported issue Priority is 'Major', Text5 will be left blank. If it is different, Text5 for the new task will be set to the original issue priority (e.g. 'Trivial'). Now if we try to synchronise the new task, Ceptah Bridge will not find any differences regardless of the original Priority value because the latter matches either the default Priority or the Text5 value, if entered.

  • Now flip the synchronisation direction:

    Issue Priority Mapping - JIRA to MS Project

    The mapping behaviour will change for some situations:

    • Unlinked tasks/new issues: The behaviour will not change because the direction is ignored when issues are created.

    • Linked tasks/existing issues: If the issue Priority is 'Major', Text5 will be made blank. If the Priority is not 'Major', Text5 will be populated with the priority name.

    • Import: Again, the behaviour will not change as the direction is ignored during import.

  • Try to clear the 'Field' combo box and save the settings.

    Issue Priority Mapping - JIRA to MS Project without field

    Ceptah Bridge will show an error because Priority has to be mapped to a task field if the direction is from JIRA to Microsoft Project.