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Tutorials > Getting ready for the final GDPR changes in JIRA.

As part of improving user privacy in accordance with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Atlassian will completely remove the Username field (login) for Cloud users in April 2019. It is being replaced with the new Account Id field.

If you are using assignee, user-by-user Worklog or Reporter mappings in Ceptah Bridge, you will need to upgrade to Ceptah Bridge 3.7 or higher, import the full user name, e-mail or Account Id and use it instead of Username.

We added a number of new ways to map JIRA user properties to Microsoft Project Fields. To get ready for the GDPR changes, you will need to reconfigure Ceptah Bridge to use one of these additional mapping options.

The migration strategy will be slightly different for the cases where assignee or worklog users are mapped to resources and the configurations where the users are mapped to a task field.

When Users are mapped to Resources

If JIRA users are mapped to resources by the resource name or a resource field, we will need to choose a different key for mapping, such as user name, e-mail or Account Id, import it from JIRA and then change the mapping to use the new key.

Consider a case where Assignee is mapped to resources using the Text10 resource field.

Existing mapping uses resource field

Please note the new mapping methods on the JIRA side of the Assignee mapping. In addition to Username, now you can map users by their name, e-mail and Account Id.

We will need to do the following to replace Username with Account Id.

  1. Click ADD-INS > JIRA > Import Users in MS Project and tick Resources to update all resources in the current document. Also, tick 'Account Id' and select the field to store it in.

    Import users

  2. Select all users and click 'Import'.

    After import

    The Account Ids will be imported to MS Project, which can be reviewed in the Resource Sheet:

    Resource sheet

  3. Close the window and open Project Settings.

    Switch the user mapping method to Account Id and change the mapped resource field to that one the Account IDs were imported to.

    Changing mapping method

When Users are mapped to a task field

If JIRA users are mapped to a task field as part of the Assignee or Reporter mapping, we will need to replace the logins in the mapped column with user names or e-mails. Account Id can be used too, but this makes little sense as it is a random piece of text with letters and numbers.

To import user names or e-mails, make sure that JIRA and MS Project are in sync, change the mapping method to Full Name or E-mail and run synchronisation. Also, if the mapping direction is from MS Project to JIRA, temporarily switch it to JIRA > MS Project, synchronise, and flip the direction back.