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Import users

The Bridge can import existing users from JIRA and create respective resources in MS Project. To start the import, do the following.

  1. Select JIRA>Import Users  in the main menu

  2. The following window will appear.

  3. Start typing in a search string. A list of the users matching the search string will be displayed.

    You can also filter out all users from a user group, all users who have access to a selected project or all users mapped to resources in the current project.

  4. To import or update resources for selected users, click Import.

  5. To import a particular user and assign him or her a particular task(s) in MS Project, select the task(s), 

    perform steps 1-3, select a user from the list and click Assign.

  6. To import values from additional user properties into resource fields, before clicking Import or Assign, tick these properties at the bottom of the window and select the resource fields to populate.

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