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Release notes: version 3.4

New Features

  1. The ability to synchronise Issue Status with %complete and a filed at the same time.

  2. The option to specify the MS Project dependency type for predecessors in the Link Mapping (SF, SS, FS or FF).

  3. The ability to apply changes only to JIRA or only to MS Project.


  1. Select the last focused task or the next available task after re-comparing in the Main Window.

  2. The Remaining Work and Duration fields were removed from the drop-down list in the Remaining Estimate mapping section to avoid confusion (see http://www.ceptah.com/Bridge/FAQ/FAQ.aspx#time-tracking). The fields can still be mapped by manually entering their name in the box.

  3. Allow duplicated Tempo Account names. There still will be an error if the ambiguous name is used during synchronisation.

  4. Deny updating the Scheduled Start, Scheduled Finish and Scheduled Duration read-only fields on the mappings level.

Bugs fixed

  1. When a read-only field was updated in MS Project or the new value had an invalid value, the error message could be hidden by another error message.

  2. The synchronisation outcome statistics were not displayed at the bottom of the synchronisation window.

  3. Fixed tooltip for the Populate Epic Name check box.