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Release notes: version 3.13

New Features and Improvements

  1. The ability to map multiple JIRA link types to a single predecessor type in MS Project. This works only if the direction of synchronisation is from JIRA to MS Project.

  2. The ability to escape the "/" symbol in the value of a cascade select field. To escape the character, prefix it with "\". In other words, you need to replace / with \/. To enter \ itself use \\. If you have Cascading Items A/B -> C/D, the value in MS Project should be A\/B/C\/D, which is "A\/B" + "/" + "C\/D".

  3. Supporting the Project field for tasks in MS Project.

Bugs Fixed

  1. Updating Task Usage could cause an error message under some circumstances.

  2. The History Mapping did not work correctly in some cases because it relied on the history events being returned from JIRA in a particular order. The JIRA API implementation changed at some point and started returning records in a random order. Now Ceptah Bridge does not rely on JIRA to sort the history entries.