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Get help with linking your JIRA to Microsoft Project

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Release notes: version 3.1.4


  1. Ignore " [x]" at the end of user name (added automatically in JIRA for inactive users).

  2. In the synchronisation window, the "Issue changes" and "Task changes" columns are renamed to "JIRA" and "MS Project" respectively.

  3. Compare time with 1 min tolerance because that is the accuracy of time values in MS Project. Otherwise, Ceptah Bridge was identifying differences in time field values that could not be synchronised.

  4. "Time estimate" field name was changed to "Remaining Estimate" in the changes preview.

Bugs fixed

  1. Fixed some memory leaks.

  2. Occasional "There is already a request in progress" error.

  3. Ignore the order of values in the list fields, e.g. labels.