Release notes: version 2.2.0

New Features

  1. JIRA user import. Existing JIRA users can be imported into Microsoft Project as resources and optionally assigned to the selected tasks. If JIRA users are mapped to resources by a custom resource field, the field is populated automatically.
  2. Automatic JIRA user import. JIRA users are imported automatically as resources during issue import and synchronisation as required. This is different from the previous versions where the resources had to be created and mapped to JIRA users manually prior to synchronisation if the 'by resource field' resource mapping method was used.
  3. Added an option to make imported tasks 'Automatic' in MS Project 2010/2013. In the previous versions that behaviour was not optional and all new task were always Automatic. Now, if the option is switched off, new tasks will be either Manual or Automatic, depending on the Microsoft Project settings.
  4. Support for blank Start, Finish and Duration fields for Manual tasks in MS Project 2010/2013.

Bugs fixed

  1. 'Activation data corrupted' problem that happened on some computers.