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Release notes: version 2.10

New Features

  1. Sprint field synchronisation. Sprint Name, Start, End and Completion dates as well as State can be mapped to MS Project fields.

  2. Support for Tempo Account and Team fields. The fields can be mapped using the custom field mappings.

  3. Resolution Date mapping (JIRA 6+).

  4. Map JIRA project by name (in addition to mapping by key).

  5. If there is a mapping for a status to %complete=100%, that mapping overrides the Actual Work mapping and Actual Work is not updated for the issues that have that status. Using that combination of mappings you can track progress by updating Actual Work based on Time Spent (which automatically updates %complete as well) while keeping %complete=100% for closed issues regardless of their Time Spent.

  6. 'Preserve %complete' option in the Remaining Estimate mapping. Changing Work or Duration may change %complete in MS Project. Turing the option on ensures that the %complete value is preserved when Work, Duration or any other field is updated by the Remaining estimate mapping.

  7. 'Update closed issues' option on the 'Options' tab page of the Project Settings. If the option is on, Ceptah Bridge will update closed issues. If the option is off, closed issues are not updated even if they are out of sync because they are read-only in JIRA by default.

  8. If there is a problem with updating a particular MS Project field, Ceptah Bridge adds a waring to the synchronisation results and continues synchronisation.


  1. The 'Finish' task field can be updated for manual summary tasks. Ceptah Bridge still does not try to update this field for automatically scheduled summary tasks as in that case it is read-only in MS Project.

  2. Logging improvements.

  3. More verbose mspjb.exe output.

  4. Order projects in the drop-down list by key.

  5. Added the User Agent header to requests when reading issue XML (JIRA 5-) and performing rest calls.

  6. A waring is displayed during link synchronisation if a parent or dependant issue is not published in JIRA. The previous version generated an error and stopped synchronisation for the issue.

Bugs fixed

  1. MS Project could be left running in background if there was an error during synchronisation using the command-line tool (mspjb.exe).