Release notes: version 1.2.9

Bugs fixed

  1. Error "Issue type with id='?' was not found" when importing subtasks.


  1. It is now possible to specify a non-default format for dates in JIRA as part of the connection settings. In previous versions date-related communications with JIRA would fail if a non-default date picker format was set.
  2. The “All” import mode in the import dialog was replaced with the “Project” mode. The mode allows the user to select the project to import issues from.
  3. When the import dialog opens, the fields of the form are pre-populated with the values used for the last import into the project.
  4. If the import mode is by issue keys, and an issue does not exist, the invalid issue key is shown in the respective row on the synchronization window (it used to be blank in this case).