Release notes: version 1.2.26


  1. You will need to manually unstall a previous version of the product. This version does not remove it from the computer.

New features

  1. Microsoft Project 2010 support, including the 64-bit version.

Bugs fixed

  1. A project could slow down if its synchronisation settings were imported from an XML file a number of times. To fix an affected project, open it, launch the Settings Dialog box and click OK.
  2. Former custom field mappings were not removed during settings XML file import. As a result, the mappings were duplicated.

Known issues

  1. The first row in the list of changes cannot be selected/unselected by clicking the checkbox in the row.

    Work around: use the context menu to check/uncheck the check box.
  2. If the date format in the connection settings has invalid syntax, the 'Dll not found' or 'Resource dll could not be loaded' error is shown.

    Work around: Read the message as 'The date format specified is invalid'.