Release notes: version 1.2.25

Bugs fixed

  1. If a custom field did not appear on the default screen for an issue in JIRA due to its inapplicability to the issue or configuration, the "'JIRA field 'FieldName': Issue custom field 'FieldName' was not found" error was shown when the issue was imported, created or synchronised. The current version raises an error only when such a field is assigned a value different from null during issue creation or synchronisation. For a field to be set for an issue, the field still should appear on the default screen of the issue in JIRA.
  2. The 'Time format' field was not saved when entered in General Settings Dialog.
  3. If the user password contained some specific symbols, such as '&', an attempt to synchronise time tracking data or import subtasks resulted in the "'100' is an unexpected token. The expected token is '"' or '''. Line 25, position 57." error.
  4. %complete field synchronisation failed with the following error: Specified cast is not valid.

Known issues

  1. The first row in the list of changes cannot be selected/unselected by clicking the checkbox in the row.

    Work around: use the context menu to check/uncheck the check box.
  2. If the date format in the connection settings has invalid syntax, the 'Dll not found' or 'Resource dll could not be loaded' error is shown.

    Work around: Read the message as 'The date format specified is invalid'.