Release notes: version 1.2.21

New features

  1. Worklog synchronisation/import (JIRA 4.0 and higher).
  2. The option to select whether the time tracking information of the subtasks should be counted in when a task is synchronised or imported.

Bugs fixed

  1. Minor user interface issues.

Known issues

  1. The first row in the list of changes cannot be selected/unselected by clicking the checkbox in the row.

    Work around: use the context menu to check/uncheck the check box.
  2. If the date format in the connection settings has invalid syntax, the 'Dll not found' error is shown.

    Work around: Read the message as 'The date format specified is invalid'.

Version upgrade

If you are using a version of the software earlier than 1.2.19, after installing the version 1.2.21 your general settings and licence key information will not be saved. Please reenter your general settings and licence key.