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8 Advantages of a JIRA MS Project Integration

If you are a project manager or team leader you probably use Microsoft Project to keep your teams and projects organized and scheduled. After more than 20 years on the market, MS Project is still the preferred project management tool by enterprises and small and midsize business alike. This software was designed to efficiently plan projects through structured tasks and work packages, budget and manage costs, bill and quote clients, and more. A once cutting-edge management tool, it still holds its value today. It is especially useful for those who use Waterfall management models.

Making Your Organization Agile in 2018: A Primer

If you do any project management in 2018 - be it software development, construction, political campaigns, budgetary control or any industry in between, you know that Agile is the latest buzzword to make waves in business. Seen by many as the crucial framework for creating effective solutions in the turbulent digital age, Agile is being deployed by big players worldwide, including BMW, Mozilla, and even the 2016 Trump presidential campaign.

Here are a Few Things I’ve Learned about Project Management, and the Software I Learned Them From

For a couple of years now, I’ve run a modest software development outfit I started with two of my best friends. After surviving the obligatory rough start, our team has been growing steadily as more ambitious project find their way into our whiteboards. However, as we grew and began hiring more programmers to keep up, we realized that the happy-go-lucky approach to development we had been using up to that point (to great success, I might add) was starting to fall short.