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Our focus

We specialise in project management tools and plug-ins for the Atlassian JIRA issue tracking system. Our products will help you to get more out of your JIRA by taking care of annoying routine tasks, providing seamless integration and ensuring enjoyable user experience. Simply focus on the business goals and leave the technicalities to us.

Ceptah Bridge - Microsoft Project plugin for JIRA

Integrates JIRA with MS Project

Use JIRA and MS Project to build a project management solution that suits your business processes. Plan, schedule and track actual values in Microsoft Project. Collaborate and report progress in JIRA. Do not worry about the synchronisation - our connector will be looking after it. Get the best of both worlds without compromises with the Ceptah Bridge plug-in.

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Ceptah Worklog - JIRA time tracking plugin

Easy time tracking for JIRA

We endeavour to create a utility that will take as little mouse click and key strokes as possible to report the daily time spent and maintain the JIRA work log with high fidelity, while removing overhead and minimising the annoying distractions. The scheduler user interface streamlines the time tracking data capturing, entry and management.

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